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Tips for choosing a designer for your project

The key to successful branding & web design is choosing the right designer for your project; which is easier said than done considering there are thousands of designers to choose from.

Investing in your business means you expect a return on that investment, hopefully tenfold. And whether you’re looking for a refresh or you’re starting from scratch, a designer who can deliver on what you need is key to this.

So, how do you ensure you’re choosing the right designer for your project…

No. 1 — First things first, outline your goals

Before you begin searching for a designer you should first know what your goals and intention with the project are. If you’re looking to redesign your website, what’s wrong with your current one? Do you want better SEO implementation, to revamp your checkout process, on-site booking? Listing out your goals for the project helps you pick a designer that has the right services to deliver exactly what you need.

No. 2 — Make sure their design aesthetic matches your brand’s identity

One of the most important things you should look at when choosing a designer is their portfolio. Your brand has an identity (or at least you have an idea of what you’d like this identity to be), and choosing a designer who has previous work that matches this identity can help decrease headaches around communicating what you’re looking for visually. If you can’t find examples of their work don’t be afraid to reach out and ask the designer to send you at least 3 examples.

No. 3 — Look over their design process

If they don’t already have it outlined on their website, ask them about their process. Since every designer works differently you want to make sure you’re aware of how things will work with them. How long does it take for a project to go from concept to launch? How will you both communicate? How many revision rounds will you receive? You’re looking for a designer who will collaborate with you on the project and give you the time to make sure you’re getting what you envisioned.

No. 4 — Confirm what is & isn’t included in the service

Some designers only give a brief summary of their service, so it’s a great idea to ask for clarification on what exactly is & isn’t included so there are no surprises later on. Just because a feature isn’t listed doesn’t mean it isn’t included or even offered as an add-on. This is why the pre-planning in Tip #1 is important; you want to make sure you’re requesting exactly what you need to get an accurate project proposal.

No. 5 — And finally, consider the overall client experience

Pay attention to what happens after you book a consultation. Do you receive an email thanking you for booking or do you not hear from the designer until your consultation? During said consultation how easy is it to talk with them? Do they seem collaborative? This is your first glimpse at how it’ll be to work with the designer, so use it to consider whether or not you’d enjoy working with them for your actual project.

Bonus Tip — Where to find designers

So now that you know how to choose a designer, the next question is where to find a designer…

Instagram: Instead of using the search bar to look through Tags like #webdesigner, use it to search for Accounts. Lots of designers have keywords like ‘web designer’, ‘branding’, or specific platforms like ‘WordPress’ in their bio so when you search for Accounts with these keywords you’ll get immediate choices.

Word-of-mouth: A classic method that never fails but instead of asking a business friend for a recommendation, I suggest utilizing Facebook Groups. If you’re in an entrepreneur-focused group, especially one with a lot of members, post a question asking people to recommend designers. I’ve seen similar posts in some of the Groups I’m in get 50+ recommendations.

Footer Credit: This one may seem unusual, but I’ve booked 3 clients because of this so it works. Sometimes designers will leave their credit on a website they designed in the footer. Not every designer does this but it doesn’t hurt to scroll to the bottom of a website you like to see if the designer left their information there.

Wrapping Up

You know your business best, and understanding what it needs to evolve is what’s going to make the process of choosing a designer a breeze.

Ultimately, this experience should be a fun & rewarding one. Watching your vision come to life and seeing how your business grows from it is always exciting. So, are you ready to choose your designer?

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